Case Studies & Capabilities

Halker has built a workforce of professionals that lets us address what we call Full-Stream Engineering, designing solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream facilities with an integrated perspective. This allows us to see and leverage opportunities for efficiencies between the disciplines, resulting in both speed to market and lower cost.

Since our inception, Halker has consistently been on the forefront of upstream engineering and design from multi-well pads to salt water disposal (SWD) facilities. We are actively involved with new legislation and have a strong background in regulatory compliance including Tank Vent Capture and OOOOa compliance. We have also worked with our clients to develop new designs to address the changing landscape of the oil & gas industry. Examples include tankless facility design and vapor recovery systems.
Halker is proud to be a nimble organization able to tackle project sizes ranging from large-scale “mega” well pads down to individual PSV sizing. Our fit-for-purpose mentality focuses on adding value for our clients rather than providing excessive and unnecessary documentation. Whatever your need, no matter how small, Halker is willing to help.

A proactive approach to facility design supports increased safety and reduced costs through:
• Reduced downtime
• Improved risk management
• Improved environmental compliance
• Reduced equipment and material costs
• Reduced contractor and fabrication costs
• Scaled growth of infrastructure

Our Upstream deliverables include critical operations designs such as:
• Salt Water Disposal Well (Water Handling)
• Multi-Well
• Central Processing
• Gathering Systems
• Flow Lines

After the production of raw crude oil and natural gas, the focus shifts to the processing, storing, transporting and marketing of oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids. This is referred to as the midstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Halker’s multidiscipline engineering team offers expertise in midstream oil and gas to help clients tackle the increasingly complex challenges of unconventional production. Our experience spans the range of midstream engineering needs, and includes the following:

Natural Gas

  • Gas Treating and Processing
    • Chemical, physical and hybrid solvents
    • Membranes
    • Bulk fractionation
  • Mercury Removal
  • Dehydration
    • Glycol
    • Molecular Sieve
  • Acid Gas Enrichment
  • Flue Gas Desulfurization
  • Gas Compression
    • Feed / Sales Gas
    • Recycle Gas
    • CO2
    • Acid Gas
  • Gas Transmission and Gathering
  • CO2 Capture
  • Helium Recovery
  • Sulfur Removal and Recovery
    • Scavengers
    • Liquid Redox
    • Direct Oxidation
    • Claus
    • Biological Processes
  • Liquids Recovery
    • Condensate Stabilization
    • NGL Recovery
    • LPG Terminal


  • Oil Terminals
  • Oil Conditioning
  • Transmix Distillation
  • Gathering Systems


  • Produced Water Transfer Pumps
  • SWD Design
    • Tank Batteries – Gun Barrel Tanks
    • Injection Pumps
  • Gathering Systems

Support Systems

  • Heat Medium
  • Steam / Condensate / BFW
  • Air Systems
  • Flare

Halker can assist in technology selection and optimization for both for new and existing facilities, while keeping capital and operating costs, maintenance and operability in mind.

Downstream Process Engineering

Once petroleum products have been extracted upstream, and conveyed as necessary to where they are best used for processing, the oil & gas enters the “downstream” disciplines to include facilities such as oil refineries, natural gas distribution companies, petrochemical plants, gas stations, and the like. These different organizations refine hydrocarbons into the products we know and use such as fuels, asphalt, fertilizers, plastics, rubber and more.

Halker’s work in downstream facilities focuses on optimizing existing facilities and processes. Due to the PSM classification of these facilities and increased emissions regulations, extra attention is required to ensure safety and environmental constraints are met. Halker can support refining and petrochemical facilities in process, instrumentation, electrical, and automation disciplines.

Our process optimization experience includes:

  • Refining – Operations
    • Crude / Vacuum Distillation
    • Hydrocracking
    • FCC
    • Reforming
    • Product distillation
    • HF Alkylation
  • Petrochemicals – Operations
    • Ethylene Oxide
    • Ethylene Glycol
    • Alkylation
    • Urethane Intermediates

Instrumentation and Controls:

In addition to process optimization, Halker can provide instrumentation packages and assist in process automation efforts. Safety instrumentation and control systems are common in Downstream facilities, and Halker can help develop related documentation (cause and effect diagrams, control narratives, etc.). Halker has designed and commissioned SIS control systems in DCS and PLC applications.

Facilities specific experience includes:

  • Instrumentation
    • Analyzers
    • General Instrumentation
      • Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Level
      • Flow
      • Nuclear level
    • Valves
  • Electrical
    • Area Classification
    • Power Distribution (Low / Medium voltage)
      • Switch Racks / MCC / Switchgear
      • Transformers
      • Duct Banks
    • Lighting
    • Grounding
    • Heat Tracing
  • Automation
    • Cause & Effect Diagrams
    • Control Narratives
    • PHA
    • DCS and SIS Installation and configuration

Complex multi-well pad deployments by oil and gas energy companies demand pre-planning, integrated design and comprehensive engineering of the entire site. Halker designs and engineers entire sites so that all elements work together as expected, leveraging automation technologies to increase efficiency, build simpler sites, and reduce the cost of operation. These systems are designed in from day one to ensure production optimization, safety, and environmental responsibility.

Halker’s integrated Automation services include:

  • Scoping, design and engineering
  • Specification, safety review, cause/effect analysis
  • Panel design and fabrication, factory acceptance testing
  • Installation, calibration, commissioning and start-up
  • Documentation, drawings, plans, schematics

Our Automation solutions are entirely turnkey, coming complete with:

  • Site electrical service
  • Wired/wireless instrumentation
  • Programmable controls
  • Data radio network
  • Hosting software
  • SCADA systems

Once installed, Halker helps ensure that Operators, Pumpers, and Managers are all trained on operating and maintaining automation systems and are given access to the wealth of remote information available from company assets within the network.