Case Study

Gas Compressor Station




Project Scope:

20MM Scfd

Oil & Gas Infrastructure

Natural Gas Development, Production & Construction Package

Client Challenge

As with many Halker customers, this Texas based organization was challenged with a lack of internal engineering resources to match their exploration and collection volumes and timeframe. This company engaged Halker to assess their current design and provide construction packages within a compressed time frame. Additionally, this job-site was located in the Rocky Mountain region with many other buildings in close proximity. These factors required vastly different seasonal and sound decibel management considerations.

The Solution

Halker Consulting took the existing design, and with limited future equipment information, began developing an improved layout and station design. Through multiple meetings with the customer, a refined design was developed. The initial steps were to refine the goal of the station through Block Flow Diagrams, followed by Process Flow Diagrams, and ultimately with well-defined Process and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs). Additionally, the facility was modeled in 3D to allow operator input on specific piping.

These efforts provided the client with the flexibility to make their own decisions regarding layout and design, while providing continued engineering guidance by Halker Consulting. The benefit of an agile consulting firm such as Halker is our ability to cater to the customer’s goal for individual projects. Halker Consulting brought its deep experience of operating in the extreme climates of the Rocky Mountains to bear to assure year-round performance. Lastly, to meet the sound limitations of the site, Halker Consulting utilized in-house procurement to find the right resources for this custom site requirement. Halker Consulting procured a sound reducing compressor building as well as hospital grade mufflers to reduce sound decibel register in the public area.

The Result

The end result was a compressor station design and a construction package that the customer can use for not only the current compressor, but for the future stations as well. Through utilizing the capabilities of 3D modeling the number of surprises and disconnects in the final product were minimized, resulting in a facility that satisfies both management and operators.

The current station meets all customer and environmental criteria and is being used as best practices example for the engineering of new stations within the 20MM Scfd scope.