It’s All About You.

Halker project managers and engineers are at our best when we understand your project objectives and company strategies front to back. This lets us not only design and engineer solutions that achieve your desired outcomes, but often helps us find more opportunities and efficiencies as we help you pursue your goals.

Project Clarity

We dig deep to fully understand your strategic objectives and what you need to accomplish. This sets Halker up to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions as well as additional, value-added project approaches that make a real difference to your bottom line.

Regulatory & Environmental Analysis

Given our broad background in engineered solutions, we understand the factors beyond project objectives that go into everything we work on, including evolving regulations and environmental impacts. By addressing these aspects head-on at the start of every project, Halker is better able to design effective, compliant projects and reduce rework.

Multidisciplinary Design

Halker uses a people-first approach to every step of project execution, assembling the best teams, gathering input from everyone, and leveraging the power of this open and inclusive environment to develop industry-leading designs. We leverage process, methodology, standards and policy to scale productivity and continually improve quality and efficiency.

Process Technology

The people run the process. The processes run the system. The system runs the business. The Halker Management System includes 4 primary processes: the Employee Management Process (EMP), the Project Delivery Process (PDP), the Operations Delivery Process (ODP), and the Back Office Delivery Process (BDP), all intended to function together in order to support the engineering work that Halker does in partnership with its clients. The Halker Management Process is an engineered solution that ensures that the entire business functions as smoothly and efficiently as possible.