Halker’s Company-Wide Sustainability Pledge

At Halker, all employees are accountable for maintaining a safe workplace, preventing safety and environmental incidents, and complying with regulatory and company standards. In the event of an incident or a safety or environmental concern, employees must notify management promptly so the issue can be addressed.

In support of our commitment to employee safety and protecting the environment, Halker will:

    1. Meet or exceed all environmental, health, and safety laws, regulations, and customer standards.
    2. Encourage environmental stewardship through pollution prevention, resource conservation, and waste minimization goals and initiatives.
    3. Promote responsible environmental and safety practices through engaged leadership at all levels.
    4. Share knowledge and lessons learned with community and industry leaders wherever possible.
    5. Hold ourselves accountable, hold our vendors accountable, and collaborate with our customers on the most effective means of achieving our societal goals.

Halker undertakes the following practices to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste

• Encourage suppliers to reduce waste by providing more sustainable product and packaging alternatives
• Buy products in bulk and in concentrated forms wherever possible to avoid excess packaging
• Buy paper products made from recycled material
• Use online order forms to reduce paper consumption
• Use electronic rather than printed marketing materials
• Reuse containers and packaging for storage
• Maintain effective internal waste separation systems to maximize resource recovery
• Recycle packaging such as cardboard, plastic wraps and films
• Recycle paper and containers
• Monitor waste generation and regularly review practices for continuous improvement
• Continue a flexible work from home policy to reduce unnecessary drive time

Halker believes an Energy Mix to meet demand the safest and best path forward for our society

• We constantly seek to identify and develop more efficient processes in the extraction, generation, and distribution of energy resources
• We strive to be Thought Leaders, and we make every effort to stay abreast of Industry Best Practices and evolving regulations
• We believe in and advocate for the responsible development of necessary energy infrastructure
• We take pride in our multi-disciplinary expertise in the development, selection, and integration of carbon abatement technologies including carbon capture and sequestration
• We have a proven track record of helping our customers minimize their aerial footprints and advocate wherever possible for all reclamation efforts to partner with industry leaders on the appropriate reforestation / re-introduction of native flora

Recent Social Justice movements for underserved, misrepresented, and mistreated persons has been an overdue and welcome sight for us at Halker. We support these movements wholeheartedly. As an Engineering and Design organization, we believe the greatest impact we can have on furthering the quest for Justice and Equality is to do our part developing worldwide energy supplies to eliminate energy poverty and achieve energy equity for all communities. However, until that goal is reached, we will continue to do our part in our communities through volunteering, fund raising, and donations to organizations who help those in need.

For more information on how you can help us help others, please send an email to RhiannonBuxman@Halker.com

Solar Panels

Halker Consulting is excited to announce we will be moving to a new building in Q2 of 2021! In addition to upgrading bulbs, appliances, and HVAC equipment to newer, more energy-efficient models, plans are in development to install Solar Panels and incorporate Solar Energy to the existing building’s infrastructure. Halker supports an energy mix mindset to meet the needs of local, national and international energy demand. We look forward to incorporating Solar Energy into our daily operations and continuing our daily efforts to reduce consumption in our community.