A day-in-the-life of a Halker professional:

Wherever you work, it’s important that there is a culture match. When you have a great cultural match, you go home every day feeling energized and loving life. At Halker, we know what that looks like for us.

Throughout the day, teams of talented individuals are all working together to solve complex problems. Each team member holding themselves accountable to support the larger team.

How we Cultivate a Great Place to Work:

Cultivating a great place to work starts with hiring amazing individuals. We pride ourselves on being transparent in the interview process so that we ensure we get great cultural matches. Once an amazing individual joins our team, we listen to their input. We trust that individual to make good decisions. We are going to challenge that individual to step out of complacency and learn and grow more than they ever have. And, we are going to support that individual through mentoring and training to ensure they are successful. For our management team, it’s as simple as the golden rule, “treat others as you want to be treated.” We all work here too!


In 2014, Halker was voted as a Top Work Place by The Denver Post.