Collaboration. Accountability. Success.

At Halker, we are extremely proud of the team we have built and the culture we have cultivated over the years. Our business is people. To continue serving our customers at the level of quality we’ve come to expect from ourselves here at Halker, we must consistently attract and retain the very best talent. One way we do this is through a sincere dedication to what we call the Employee Experience.

We are constantly striving to capture the creativity and imagination of the members of our team. Our high-energy, multi-disciplinary collaborative environment goes a long way towards fostering knowledge sharing and ingenuity. We also whole-heartedly encourage learning and professional development, whether through supporting employees in continuing education and obtaining professional certifications or simply by allowing them to fall forward with their mistakes. Lastly, we place a genuine emphasis on a healthy work-life balance, while frequently sprinkling in some company-sponsored fun.

Current Open Positions

Billings, MT; Dallas, TX
Billings, MT; Dallas, TX


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