Case Study

Water Injection

Company Size:

+290 Bcfe

Oil & Gas Infrastructure



10-20K Bpd Water injection at constant rate (scalable)

Client Challenge:

A Halker Client was in need of water injection facilities that could meet the needs of their water flood at a constant pressure over time to aid in the recovery of their oil. Halker saw an opportunity to not only build system that would meet the site-specific needs, but also in a way that could scale for the client as their needs changed on this site as well as future sites.

In-line with many large operators and producers, this client was challenged by both their in-house capacity for engineering and the project time frame. They have partnered with Halker to augment and accelerate their ability to produce.

The Solution:

Halker Consulting has extensive experience with the engineering design of water transfer and injection facilities. We typically start with client supplied process criteria and write a design basis and project execution plan. A process flow diagram and layout are drawn, followed by P&IDs, and the required lists. Process, civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical calculations, specifications, and data sheets are completed as required. A detailed 3D piping model is constructed, allowing us to quickly generate plan, section, and isometric drawings automatically.

Halker Consulting has worked to develop and engineer numerous custom solutions for oil/water separation, filtration, processing, and injections. We have designed two water injections facilities with a total installed cost greater than $8MM. However, our size and efficiency have helped us to successfully, and quickly complete many small injection and water transfer projects in the total installed cost range of $100K to $1.5MM.

  • Design Basis, Project Planning & Execution Plan
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Process Modeling
  • Layout & Spacing
  • Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Project Lists
  • Engineering Calculations, Specs & Data Sheets
  • 3D Facility Model, Piping & Equipment
  • Civil & Structural Drawings
  • Piping Plan, Section & Isometric Drawings
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Drawings
  • Final Engineering Package Delivered