Case Study

Power Distribution Field Inspection & Evaluation

Permian Basin

West Texas

Power Infrastructure

Upstream Oil & Gas, Field Inspections

Field Distribution System Inspection
Build a System Model in ETAP
Perform Load Flow Studies
Investigate Feasibility and Impacts of Generation and/or Substation Interconnection Options

This client reached out to Halker because they were having power reliability problems with their current utility interconnection and power supplier. They wanted to see if generation and/or a substation interconnection instead of a metered distribution point of interconnection would provide a better power source.

This client approached our company to investigate their existing distribution system for utility power reliability issues and evaluate their distribution system operating performance. Our engineers surveyed and documented the existing system, providing an as-built documentation as well as an ETAP system model. With the system model we evaluated the existing system loading to assess conductor ampacity and equipment loading. We also investigated the effects of projected future growth on the system infrastructure and explored potential substation vs. generation interconnection options for providing better utility performance for the distribution system.