Case Study

Power Distribution Sectionalizing Fuses

Permian Basin

West Texas

Power Infrastructure

Power System Protective Coordination & Reliability Improvement

Size Sectionalizing Fuses on Distribution Feeder Taps

Halker’s client reached out to Halker to size sectionalizing fuses for their power distribution feeder taps to provide more sectionalizing protection and establish sectionalizing protection coordination. This client originally asked for these sectionalizing fuses because they thought that it would provide lightning protection for their power distribution system. Halker helped them realize how lightening arrestors and an overbuilt static help to provide lightning protection, whereas sectionalizing fuses provide sectional overcurrent protection.

Sectionalizing fuses were sized based on downstream loads and in order to best coordinate with upstream loads. Such fuses will help to provide sectionalizing overcurrent protection to remove a section of a given feeder’s load for a given enduring overcurrent condition, rather than tripping off the entire feeder at the utility interconnection. Sectionalizing reclosers were also recommended to the client instead of sectionalizing fuses to provide better reliability for temporary faults on a given distribution feeder.