Case Study

Remedial Investigation & Design

Environmental Health & Safety Compliance, Field Oversight & Remediation Services

Halker and its legacy company, Cascade Environmental, has completed over 200 projects for numerous contractors on a wide variety of highway construction projects around Colorado. The contaminants-of-concern on these projects have included asbestos, bio-hazards, petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), inorganic metals (lead, arsenic, chromium, etc.), methane, PCBs, pesticides, radiological constituents, semi-Cascade organic compounds (SVOCs), dry-cleaning fluids, creosote, carbon monoxide and others.

Our personnel have been responsible for:
• Initial characterization
• Development of appropriate work plans (including Health & Safety Plans, Materials Management Plans, Sampling & Analysis Plans and a variety of Methods Statements)
• Sampling & analysis
• Design and implementation of appropriate soil and groundwater remediation technologies
• Regulatory compliance
• Field monitoring
• Construction oversight
• Waste management