Case Study

Fugitive Emissions Study

North Dakota



Field-wide Facility Retrofits


Exploration & Production

The Challenge

The client needed to reduce or eliminate fugitive emissions from over 50 existing upstream production facilities in order to meet 40 CFR 60 OOOOa requirements with an aggressive schedule. The fugitive emission sources were both oil and water storage tanks on site.

The Solution

Tank vent lines were installed or retrofitted on a number of tank batteries. High pressure flare lines were installed to handle normal compressor or sales pipeline downtime. Existing vent systems were evaluated to determine where changes were required to ensure adequate fugitive emissions handling. Where applicable, existing lines were rerouted, in-line restrictions were removed, and liquid knockouts were installed to minimize construction and capital costs, as well as facility downtime, while utilizing existing piping or equipment. On a number of facilities, the economical option was to remove out of compliance tanks and transport fluid off pad directly from separation vessels. The process flow was redesigned to utilize existing facility equipment including vessels, pumps, and flares while also eliminating fugitive emission sources. Halker Consulting provided line and equipment sizing, hydraulic calculations, control valve sizing and P&IDs along with several additional engineering drawings to aid in the procurement and construction required for the facility retrofits.

The Result

Halker produced a number of deliverables to aid in the construction and commissioning of the retrofitted facility designs including bases of designs, updated P&IDs, demolition drawings, equipment and instrumentation data sheets, BOMs, structural supports, and vent line isometric drawings. Due to the compressed schedule for these facilities, 2D system isometrics were mocked up in CAD to provide a simple visual of the tank vent routing as well as provide BOM estimates for construction rather than traditional 3D modeling. PE level Quad Oa calculations were
performed for all tank batteries. Halker continued to provide engineering support through the construction phase to ensure timely completion of the facility retrofits.