Case Study

Electrical System Studies

Bakken Basin

North Dakota

Power Infrastructure

System Studies

Build an ETAP Model
Perform the Following Studies:

  • Load Flow
  • Short Circuit
  • Protection Coordination
  • Arc Flash Analysis

The client reached out to Halker to perform electrical studies on both existing and new-built assets. Through the studies, Halker would be able to advise the client on proper sizing of service, feeder, and branch circuits while maintaining adequate protective device coordination to decrease the risk of Arc Flash injuries. The goal was to make the client compliant per NEC regulations as well as the NFPA-70E standards for arc flash safety.

Halker Consulting engineers provided a comprehensive study to evaluate each asset and made recommendations on how to improve the system based on the system model. Halker Consulting provided the following deliverables for each site to study the client’s electrical systems:

  • Comprehensive ETAP model of all equipment on site
  • Load flow study to address any overloading on equipment, maintain proper conductor sizing per the NEC, and assess voltage drop issues in the system
  • Short-circuit study to verify that all equipment is properly rated for maximum short circuit current in the system
  • Coordination study to verify adequate protection of the Client’s assets and mitigate unnecessary tripping of overcurrent protection devices
  • Arc flash study to assess the risk of potential arc flash at all equipment locations and protect workers from possible harm while on site