Case Study

138kV to 25kV 50MVA Substation

Permian Basin

West Texas

Power Infrastructure

Substation Design, Field Support & Testing

To serve as the Owner’s Advisor on behalf of our client for a new substation project. This new substation would eventually connect into the transmission utility network to provide a more stable, reliable power source for our client’s power distribution system.

Halker’s client was having problems with their interconnecting distribution utility supplying unreliable power and so they decided to build a substation to provide more stable, reliable power to their distribution infrastructure in the West Texas area. This client reached out to us in need of a second layer of expertise to review their substation design and needed an expert to represent them in reviewing the substation design and provide expertise on their behalf.
The substation would be a 138kV/25kV, 50MVA, Dual-Transformer, Secondary-side Main-Tie-Main Substation that interconnects into the transmission system in the West Texas area to provide more reliable, stable, cheaper power for their oil and gas facilities. Some of the client-owned power distribution feeders would be disconnected from the local distribution utility providers and re-routed to be fed out of this new substation to increase capacity and reliability of the feeder’s power capabilities.

Halker’s engineers provided owner’s advisor engineering services for this client to provide a second layer of technical expertise reviewing the project and to ensure a more sound, well-designed completed design. Halker’s responsibilities included reviewing substation designs and drawing sets, reviewing equipment factory acceptance tests, providing field investigations and field inspections, answering questions on behalf of our client, etc.