No Limits: Off-Grid Solar

Posted on May 2nd, 2021
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Halker may be best known for their oil and gas expertise, but the Halker team has experience in nearly every sector from renewables, to residential and commercial, to mining, to food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and beyond. One such project outside what may be expected from Halker is an off-grid solar design for a residential cabin.

At Halker, we are all about stepping out of our “typical” projects and into other areas where we can apply our expertise to provide effective engineered solutions. One such opportunity presented itself with designing an off-grid solar array for powering a remote cabin outside of Westcliffe, Colorado. If you have worked on any remote oil and gas pad far from any powerlines, you have likely seen one of the small solar racks that provides power to the PLC, maybe a light or two, and some other small loads like the one shown above.

This is where we were able to take our knowledge from industrial installations and apply it to something completely different. The homeowner wanted a ground mounted design, so the end-product will likely look familiar, but be built to stay in place and not move around like the skidded racks that many of us are familiar with. When designing a solar array, the most important things are solar production, and battery backup for operation through the night and through potentially cloudy days or prolonged periods of poor weather. Most residential systems can just backup to the utility supply, but this system needs to be truly independent. We use special software to map the location geographically and estimate the production based on the solar array configuration and prior year weather mapping.

Talking with our prospective client for the cabin application, they really wanted to be able to use this for 3-day weekend getaways- so we used all of the data to offer a truly customized solution that is fit for purpose and will enable the client to be truly independent of the grid- a true getaway from it all.

Be on the lookout for the next solar solution coming to the rooftop of the new Halker offices!