HalkEye CARE System Enables Pad Size Reduction

Posted on April 19th, 2021
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As we have discovered pad size reduction is both a driver and benefit of levying environmental know-how in facility design and operation. As we take a closer look at production operations, have you ever wondered why so much effort, and space, goes into separating oil, gas and water at upstream production facilities, only to recombine it to transport to midstream gathering facilities? It all boils down to the ever elusive measurement, and understanding how much and from where your production is coming. It seems like a straight forward concept, you should be able to easily see what each of your assets is producing at any given moment.

The problem is that despite major innovations in directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing, we as an industry, still rely on the physics of specific gravity, and age-old separation equipment to enable measurement, and ultimately insight into well production. This leaves operators in a catch-22. Employ a bulk/test separator setup to reduce pad footprint, but lose critical insight into your wells’ production, or setup a single separation train for each well and increase your environmental impact and risk profile. Whether you’re an operator looking for instantaneous insight, a production engineer looking to maximize artificial lift, or a reservoir engineer building a reservoir model, there is a better way.

The Halker Smart Solutions Continuous Allocation Revenue Evaluation (CARE) System combines advanced analytics, process engineering know-how, edge hardware, and proven metering to provide 24/7 high fidelity, multi-phase insight at a fraction of the cost of separation equipment and traditional nuclear based three-phase meters. Now you can run bulk/test AND still get accurate 24/7 multi-phase measurement … the best of both worlds!