ESG – Environmental, Social & Governance

Posted on February 19th, 2021
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   Sustainability practices have long been recognized as vital to the longevity of companies attempting to add value to the societies in which they belong. This is particularly true for companies focused on the extraction and consumption of natural resources. The specific priorities of such sustainability practices continually evolve alongside technological and societal developments but will always be hugely important to citizens and investors alike.


   As the Energy industry continues to progress and change shape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing continues to grow in prevalence and expectation. In order to keep conversations and relationships meaningful with current and future investors, Industry leaders are rapidly shifting to a proactive ESG approach. Rather than solely focusing on reactive measures such as emissions reductions, the emphasis is becoming a much broader, comprehensive strategy that includes investment in innovation, reporting, social capital, infrastructure, education, engineering and operational improvements, and much more.


   Another major trend in the Energy Transition is the large-scale integration of all the various sources of energy our society depends on. Whether it is oil and gas operators harnessing wind and solar to power their operations or utilities incorporating biofuels and geothermal power to augment their generation capacities, each Energy company’s ESG goals and challenges are largely the same: appropriately investing capital in ESG initiatives to maximize the benefit to society and to investors for years to come.


   In order to drive efficiency throughout this transition period, we must all be willing to share with and learn from each other regardless of industry verticals. As a multidisciplinary consulting firm servicing multiple verticals in the Energy Industry, Halker is uniquely positioned to capture Lessons Learned and broadly collaborate to develop Best Practices.


   Stay tuned for future announcements about how you can deploy integrated IoT and software solutions to significantly reduce your onsite environmental footprint courtesy of Halker Smart Solutions.