We’re problem solvers, delivering project success for our clients through collaboration, learning, and purposeful innovation to deliver cutting-edge engineered solutions.

We know that people drive a culture of innovation and performance, so Halker leads with our people to tap into their diverse experiences and knowledge to bring new perspectives and innovation to every challenge.

Collaboration is how we solve problems and generate solutions.

We’re passionate and smart people, having fun at what we do and part of that is We striving to exceed customer needs and expectations.

In the end, Halker delivers value, without sacrificing our values.

Vision, Mission & Values

THE HALKER VISION: What success looks like

Halker Consulting is the preferred employer and provider of specialized engineering, procurement, construction, and project management services delivered safely, ethically, and in a way that continually increases customer value, agility and success, while supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability.

THE HALKER MISSION: What we do every day to succeed

Halker Consulting helps fuel the world. We develop our employees to support the world’s best energy companies by increasing their speed to market, competitive agility, safety, and operational efficiency in achieving their goals.

We do this through collaboration, expertise, innovation, and a clear understanding of how the engineered work we provide impacts the communities in which we live.

THE HALKER VALUES: How we approach our work, and each other, everyday.

Quality and Safety:
Our work is always delivered at the highest level of safety and quality possible—from concept to finished product, we provide best in class, fit-for-purpose services and solutions. We achieve this by remaining current on best practices, innovating from within, a deep collaboration and iteration with our clients, and a relentless commitment to delivery, follow-through and support—all enabled by continuous improvement across the processes and procedures that make us successful.

Collaboration and Learning:
Industry leading, client-driven solutions can only come from continuous learning, communication, and collaboration with our clients, industry experts and each other. Challenging the norm, transparency, and continually building and sharing knowledge are the insightful habits of Halker employees and the high performing teams they comprise.

Employees are empowered to ask for what they need, in order to achieve their personal and professional goals, as well as those of the company.

Integrity and Accountability:
Understanding, professionalism, respect, honesty, and fairness are the core tenants of Halker Consulting; and therefore, how we treat our clients, our environment, the communities we work in, and most importantly, each other. Seeing what needs to be done and owning one’s part in the solution is what empowers Halker employees to make change happen and achieve the task at hand—on behalf of the client and the project, the budget and schedule, the team and the company.
This is personal and shared accountability.

Achievement and Change:
Halker’s future is dependent on our clients’ success. To this end, we know that our job is to intimately understand the needs and objectives of our customers, and provide nothing less than the clients’ definition of safety and success. This level of achievement continually increases as. Halker consults with clients to innovate and improve, while remaining open to change and opportunity.
Always providing space for others to offer ideas, present questions, and challenge conventional thinking is our organizational advantage. This openness to change builds a collective knowledge and curiosity that results in our clients’ success.

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