Why Halker

Clients that partner and grow with Halker Consulting are quicker to implement innovation and solutions that generate revenue and competitive advantage. By collaborating with our firm, clients can make more informed decisions, better manage project planning and execution, and manage risk, cost and assets with deeper insights. Our clients enjoy a peace of mind that comes with Halker’s alignment to their business objectives and a trust that we will always provide you with what you need to the best of our ability.

Halker Consulting helps companies move faster, increase production and productivity, safely and efficiently.


Halker Consulting is a specialized engineering firm. This allows us to meet your specific needs with our core competencies while you focus on what you do best. Our specialization accelerates our clients’ abilities to engineer and design, getting them to market faster, so that they may more quickly recognize revenue and market share.


Halker helps clients move first on new opportunity, or adeptly react to market forces. Halker cultivates a culture of collaboration, innovation, and knowledge generation. This helps our clients to identify and implement solutions more quickly, to overcome challenge and capitalize on opportunity. When needed, we act as a seamless extension of our clients – often times sitting on-site with their teams while hosting their professionals in our offices as well.

Safety and Quality

Halker Consulting practices continuous improvement at all levels of the organization. This allows us to remain current and compliant in engineering functional designs that are safely deployed and deliver the production results they were intended to provide. We leverage our own LEAN-based project delivery process to maximize project safety and quality through elimination of waste and application of proven solutions.


Halker understands that change is the only constant. Not only can we help you remain agile, our firm can flex with your organization to provide fit-for-purpose solutions to your business objectives, even as they may change over time.

Engineering Orientation

Halker was founded by real engineers. We are comfortable with ambiguity and engage clients in consultative ways in which we seek to understand and then present multiple options. We are continual learners, adept at knowing what we don’t know – and therefore continually work to generate organizational knowledge that can be applied to projects and transferred to clients.

Operating Values

Halker truly lives by our values, often looking to them to guide our approach to challenging work. Our values are as follows:

Quality – Our work is always delivered at the highest level of safety and quality possible – from concept to finished product, we provide best in class, fit-for-purpose services and solutions. We achieve this by remaining current on best practices, innovating from within, a deep collaboration and iteration with our clients, and a relentless commitment to delivery, follow-through and support. We maintain our high levels of quality through continuous improvement across the processes and procedures that make both our clients and ourselves successful.

Customer Success – Halker’s future is dependent on our clients’ success. To this end, we know that our job is to intimately understand the needs and objectives of our customers and provide nothing less than the clients’ definition of safety and success. This level of achievement is continually increased as Halker consults with clients to innovate and improve in all that we do.

Collaboration – Providing industry leading, client-driven solutions can only come from continuous communication, innovation and collaboration with our clients, industry experts and each other. Socratic questioning, transparency, and shared knowledge are the insightful habits of Halker employees.

Integrity – Understanding, professionalism, respect, honesty, accountability, and fairness are the core tenants of how Halker Consulting treats our clients, our environment, the communities we work in, and most importantly, each other.

Financial Responsibility – Halker employees are accountable to operate within the approved client budgets. Additionally, each employee should always look to maximize the financial efforts for each project, and the firm as a whole, as if it was their own.