• Make informed decisions across the lifecycle of system infrastructure.

  • Approach the growth and management of new oil or gas assets from a big-picture point-of-view.

  • Maximize manageable field flows over longer periods of time for field longevity.

Field Development

Halker Consulting’s Field Development practice is the firm’s high level, systems approach to helping clients develop engineered oil and gas facilities on a large scale.

This whole-systems approach helps well owners and operators to optimize and expand existing field systems, and strategically expand and develop new systems, for maximized production and profit through engineered solutions.

A Long-term Perspective

A strong discipline in Field Development provides well owners and operators the ability to make informed decisions across the lifecycle of their system infrastructure.

This strategic approach helps to maintain maximum production and profit even in the face of market fluctuation and demand, reservoir lifecycle changes, and the implementation of new technologies.

Ultimately, approaching asset development in this way supports sustainable field production through:

  • Proactive planning and decision making
  • Timed deployment of hard assets and investments
  • Leveraging of new technology
  • Scaled growth of infrastructure
  • Reduced capital and operational costs
  • Reduced downtime / increased availability
  • Improved risk management
  • Improved Environmental Compliance
Planning for a Successful Future

Halker Consulting helps companies to approach the growth and management of their oil or gas asset from a big picture point-of-view. This is achieved through key discipline similar to our Multi-well solutions but on a larger scale, and with a very Front-end Engineering and Design (FEED) perspective. These disciplines include:

Field Production Forecasting and Infrastructure Design – Halker collaborates with field owners to forecast field production rates based on drilling schedules, well types, processing needs, and geological factors. This whole-field insight then allows for surface infrastructure to be architected for optimized flow over time using consolidation and centralization strategies. This approach minimizes overbuilt infrastructure and redundant equipment.

Whole-system Modeling and Testing – Halker Consulting’s engineers and designers leverage the latest system modeling software tools. This enables the field development teams to build a virtual replica of the existing and/or future field and test various time, infrastructure, and external market forces scenarios to define the best build schedules and specifications for the field.

Centralization and Consolidation – Like Halker’s multi-well facility design and engineering solutions, development of an entire field is best supported by the consolidation and centralization of engineered assets to decrease capital and operational costs. This approach also maximizes manageable field flows over longer periods of time for field longevity.

Drill-out, Build-out, and Maintenance scheduling – With the best field infrastructure identified and tested, and leveraging centralized and consolidated surface facilities, Halker can help to schedule drilling, infrastructure build-out, and planned maintenance schedules to maintain quality field production over time. This planning discipline helps to avoid system bottlenecks, overbuilds, and redundant processing.

Capital and Operational Expenditure Estimation – Finally, with the insights gained from modeling, infrastructure architecture, and field scheduling, Halker Consulting can provide far more accurate estimates for capital and operational expenditures to support clients’ informed financial decision-making.

With these disciplines in place, Halker Consulting works with clients to plan, deploy and manage the entire field across key components such as:

  • Well-site and Centralized Processing Facilities
  • Dynamic Storage Arrays
  • Compression and Pumping
  • Water Injection and Recovery
  • Hydrocarbon Capture
The Value for You

Halker helps field developers expand beyond only drilling and simple surface management. We enable owners and operators to include the safety, efficiency, and opportunity that is a result of intelligently engineered and designed upstream infrastructure for today’s production demands.

Our approaches also help customers to move beyond linear drill, process, and convey models to allow for parallel workflows that result in larger production volumes across the entire lifecycle of the field – all with no sacrifice to quality or safety. Partnering with Halker Consulting for strategic field development helps customers take a smart approach to developing their oil and/or gas asset for long-term success and value.

Clients are able to leverage world class engineering and design of innovative technology and techniques without building such a costly discipline in-house. Ultimately, those that partner with Halker Consulting are able to move faster, increase production and performance, and better meet their strategic business objectives.

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