• Expert understanding of the evolving needs in the San Juan Basin

  • Specialized solutions for San Juan projects large and small.

San Juan Basin

The Oil and Gas industry continues to change and evolve in the U.S. – The San Juan Basin is no exception.

As new types of products are discovered in the San Juan Basin, the existing infrastructure will need to be changed and retrofitted to support new findings but still meet business and financial objectives.

Owners and Operators faced with this opportunity are finding a competitive advantage by partnering with specialty firms that can support speed to market, operational cost effectiveness, and rapid changes in regulation and industry economy.

Regional Knowledge

As the San Juan Basin evolves, and new products like liquid gas and oil can be collected, Halker can help accelerate clients’ time to market through our existing experience, team agility and a deep bench of industry talent.

We help basin clients reengineer existing systems to maximize operations and cost management. And most importantly, we leverage our experience to help basin operators transition to new substrates as they come on-line in the area.

Halker Consulting provides consultative and accurate Oil and Gas engineering and design solutions across the full spectrum of San Juan Basin production:

  • Exploration and Processing support at the wellhead
  • Walk-downs and As-built of existing facilities
  • Mid-stream technologies such as compression, gathering and transmission
  • Well decommissioning and abandonment services
  • Environmental compliance expertise on the basin’s State and Native American Reservation regulation
  • Fit-for-purpose surface facilities design
  • Re-engineering of Dry/Gas facilities to Comingled
  • Continuous project efficiency and effectiveness
Local Talent & Experience

Halker Consulting is located on Main Street in Durango allowing us to collaborate face-to-face with project managers. Project changes are prioritized and expectations are managed through strong communications and transparency with our partners to foster innovation and alignment through the project.

Our  Durango-based staff, with over 80 years of industry experience, are problem solving professionals that can dedicate their focus to specific projects and if needed, act as a seamless extension of the client’s organization. These professionals leverage the latest and most proven engineering and design technologies as we work within the Halker Consulting  Project Delivery Process to maintain safety and quality while streamlining the design and engineering process.

More importantly, we leverage our experience from other regions to help San Juan Basin operators transition to new products and processing needs as they come online.

Agility & Flexibility

Halker Consulting balances the key factors of experience, firm size and pricing to help clients remain agile and competitive, safely deliver projects on time, and with all the necessary engineering and design services from one provider.

Halker Consulting’s diverse client-base allows us to bring numerous and innovative solutions to the San Juan Basin and remain flexible to your various project sizes and timelines – no project is too small or too large.

As the San Juan Basin evolves, and new products like liquid gas and oil can be collected, Halker can help accelerate customers time to market with numerous products through our existing experience, team agility and a deep bench of industry talent.

To meet specific the needs of San Juan Basin owners and operators, Halker provides specialized, fit-for-purpose engineering and design of Compressor Stations, Gathering Systems, Water Injection solutions and, Liquids Processing – all in compliance with state and reservation regulations. The firm also partners with local operators to decommission unused wells and convert existing operation to support new comingled products that are coming online in this evolving basin.