• Halker Consulting has operated in the Bakken/Williston basin since 2009

Bakken/Williston Basin

The Bakken/Williston Basin is one of the nation’s most consistently producing regions and is evolving at an ever accelerating pace.

It’s no secret, the Oil and Gas industry is experiencing tremendous growth and change. Owner’s and Operators in this rich area are working tirelessly to manage costs and increase their speed to market.

These companies are finding that by partnering with specialized service providers for on their Up- and Mid-stream projects, they can apply new technologies faster, see production sooner, and realize the revenue they are after from their regional investments.

Regional Knowledge

Halker Consulting provides Oil and Gas engineering, design and project management solutions across the full spectrum of Bakken and Williston Basin production:

  • Exploration and Production/Processing support at the well head
  • Mid-stream technologies such as compression, gathering and transmission
  • Final processing for delivery to market
  • Field development to include multiwell infrastructure, well spacing and type curve analysis


Our firm partners with our clients to deliver projects with proven, safe and well-managed engineering and design services. Halker Consulting also leverages success from other national basins to accelerate the use of new technologies and decrease learning curves for our clients.

To meet specific the needs of Bakken and Williston Basin owners and operators, Halker provides specialized engineering and design of:

  • Multi-well wellhead facilities
  • Flaring FEED
  • Secondary infrastructure for gas gathering
  • Full gathering systems
  • Gas Plants
  • Basin specific drill schedule understanding to help manage pipeline usage and management
  • Inspection, thermal imaging and other field services
  • Gas plants and complex processing facilities
  • Pipeline systems and tank batteries
  • GIS services for environmental and integrity management
  • System optimization and expansion