Halker Launches New Emissions Estimator App for iOS Devices
August 28, 2014

Need to estimate the air pollutant emissions coming from the storage tanks at your oil and gas facility?

At long last, there finally is an app for that.

This week, Halker Consulting is proud to announce the launch of “Tank Emissions,” the first app available for iOS devices (including the Apple iPhone and iPad) that enables users to estimate their facility tank emissions on the fly, making it easy to determine whether their systems are within permit limits or if it is time to re-evaluate their installation with the help of a qualified engineer.

Click here to download a FREE copy of Tank Emissions from the Apple App Store.

Based on data from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) AP 42 air pollutant emissions standard, the app simplifies a very complex set of calculations in order to give the user a rough estimate of the tank emissions for their facility. The results are not intended to be official or used when filing paperwork with the EPA, but are simply a guide so the user can see on what order of magnitude their tank emissions currently rate so they can decide on the best path forward.

“It’s a tool that we can use both with our existing clients as well as new clients,” says Eric Parvin, process department manager at Halker. “If they’re concerned about maybe having to add tanks at their facility, this app will make it very easy to pull up their numbers so that we can see what magnitude we’re talking about in terms of tons per year of emissions. The information can help them make important decisions about the future of their installations.”

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